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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Well's Gone Dry

Because of the lack of irrigation water that not only watered our landscaping, but also watered the wildlife, we've been keeping fresh water for the deer and turkeys. (I guess the skunks and racoons also take advantage of the cool drink.) Anyway, last night we were disturbed by something walking up on the deck. DH got his million-watt flashlight out to find the intruder only to find it wasn't charged. This prompted a search for night vision goggles, spotlights, or whatever he could find to target the intruder. All in all it was pretty hilarious watching him try to discover what had been walking on the deck. He did say he had seen the glow of eyes far enough apart to be a cougar. My guess is that it was the doe and her fawn out looking for a midnight snack and a little liquid refreshment.

The above picture was taken last year when the irrigation ditch was full. This year the grass and weeds are all dead so there's not much for the deer to munch on but they do have water.


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