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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm tired of knitting socks

I've finished DH's handspun camo socks. Yes, one sock is larger than the other one. It's because of the yarn. Lessons learned while spinning: 1. draft, draft, draft. The more the fiber is drafted the less compacted the yarn, 2. Did I mention drafting? :o)

While I enjoyed the whole process of spinning and knitting these socks I'm ready to move on to another project. These are the fourth pair of socks in the last couple of months, (pictures later), and I'm ready to start another project.

Remember the raw fleece? Well, half of it is clean, a little is carded, and I have no special project in mind. Any ideas? I do plan on mixing some of it with the gray Romney and doing some dyeing so maybe an idea will jump out at me.

Well, need to get ready for a fast trip down the coast to see DH's sister & partner. Should get some great shots that will be posted this weekend.


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