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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Very Busy Week

The college where I work is opening a new campus with the new school year. And the new school year starts on the 26th. Needless to say those of us assigned to the new campus are going a million different directions at once so that everything is functional before Monday! I'm completely exhausted tonight and wish the week was over already. Alas, I have 3 more days to go.

A couple of weeks ago we couldn't occupy the downstairs because it was still being remodeled so now the rush is on to get moved in. The focus of this campus is professional/technical programs like Electronics, Construction, Fire Science/EMT, and Diesel Mechanics. So there's some very large equipment that has to be in place by Monday, and they only have a week to get it together. Makes for some very intense days because everyone thinks their area should take priority. The IT folks are hammered from two sides because it's their responsibility to have staff computers and peripherals connected to the network and functioning properly along with making sure the computer labs are ready to go for the first day of classes. While I'm not an IT person my area is responsible for all of the audio/visual equipment and most classrooms, including computer labs, have a projection system that needs to be installed, labled, and tested. And there are a lot of classrooms.

Did I mention I'm tired?


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