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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back to the Drawing Board - I-cord Gloves

Gloves110105FingersThumb I finished the fingers and thumb of my gloves using Galway because that's what was in the stash, probably bought it for felting. Boy were they easy to do. Cast on 5 or 6 stitches on dpns, slide to end and knit like i-cord, increasing in the second round 9-11 stitches, without pulling the strand tight across the back. Knit about 20 rows and then hook up a stitch in the ladders. Viola! You have a thumb or finger done. Place the live stitches on a holder until you are ready to start the hand. Difficult to explain but very easy to do.

Gloves110105First Here's my attempt at adding color. I'm ripping it out (ribbit, ribbit) and looking for a different slip stitch pattern. Gotta have color, gotta keep it simple. The red looks bright next to the black. It's actually a brick red but doesn't it look bright and cheery? Hopefully I'll get one glove done by Friday.

Yarn color choices for I-cord gloves.

First Friday Knit In

Speaking of Friday, The Knitting Beehive has been invited to have a Knit-In at Blind George's for First Friday Art Walk in Grants Pass. Susan has asked several of her customers to bring in their knitting to put on display. Some of us will also be there knitting and hope to attract new knitters into the fold. Yeah! New knitters! Now, all we need is to add spinning to the mix. :o)


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