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Friday, October 07, 2005

Current Projects

Not knowing how long my stay in the hospital would be I made sure I had plenty of knitting to do. On Friday before my pre-op appointment I made a trip to Websters in Ashland to pick up my spirits. I bought two balls of Noro Silk Garden to make a scarf and two skeins of Koigu to make a pair of socks.

Noro Silk Garden Scarf

Koigu Sock

As you can see the scarf is almost done but sock 1 is just begun. Since being home however I've been concentrating on that hat for someone special. But things have changed.

Because it's a gift for a very special person I've been agonizing over exactly what it is I wanted to make. After much looking through books and magazines I decided on a fair isle hat but didn't have any definite ideas for motifs (they need to be meaningful). Finally, the hat is cast on and well under way. However, instead of the original yarn I'm using Bryspun kid-n-ewe for the hat and will create a scarf from the Teseo.

Knitting with the kid-n-ewe is wonderful, this is such a classy yarn. But Susan at the Knitting Beehive says this yarn has been discontinued. I'll have to stock up with what she has available so I can make a big project. ;o)



  • Thanks for the sock information and for stopping by my blog. Hope the hospital trip was ok. Nice knitting and love the colors.

    By Blogger Pammi, at 10/07/2005 2:35 PM  

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