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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's been goin on

Seems like I can only post on a monthly basis. I've finished the Clapotis, no pictures yet, but it's become my new favorite scarf. :o) Celeste was very happy with her hat, scarf, & earrings.
Celeste's Hat Celeste's Scarf Celeste's Earrings

She called saying they made her so happy she almost started crying. Now I'm just waiting for pictures to see how they look her.

More pictures of the jewelry I've been making:

Earrings & bracelet Earrings & bracelet
Earrings & Bracelet Earrings & Bracelet
Red Earrings Lapis Earrings crystal earrings
Jewelry-Susan's Earrings earrings Primary colors earrings
Green Earrings

I took a needlefelting class last month and this is what I created:


The Winter issue of Spin Off inspired me to create these woven treasures:
Weave-It & flower Weave-It squares & Hat

The weaving is fun. I get caught up just looking at the squares and want to make at least one out of all of the yarn in my stash. You can see the hat I made in the last picture. The top is pushed in because it's rather pointy otherwise. Don't know when I'll wear it but it's fun to look at. I used some of my handspun to create the squares on the right starting with the pink one. It was a small skein I made during a class at Blacksheep Gathering last June. They look rather festive don't they.


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