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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Finally an update

The term is finally coming to an end and I have a little room to breathe. I’m not teaching any CS classes next term because it takes too much out of me. Working a full-time job and teaching at night is too much. When do I have time to knit, cook dinner, or clean my house? Never!!! That’s all going to end. Well at least I’ll have more time for knitting. :o)
Fingerless GlovesI’ve finished a pair of fingerless gloves for the Peaceful Palms KAL but have not given up on the gloves I started. I knitted the fingerless gloves using some of my first handspun yarn so they look a little rough.

The original gloves I started have been an experience. First I couldn’t decide what to do for the color work. Having a dream as design inspiration doesn’t help if you didn’t get a good look at the design you’re dreaming about. I’ll have to work on that next time.

My first try at knitting the gloves didn’t appeal to me so I ripped back to the fingers and started over. When it came time to add the thumb I couldn’t find the book I was using, Handknitting with Meg Swansen. I looked everywhere, I thought, but it was nowhere to be found. Not being able to knit the gloves prompted guilt feelings which made me avoid posting and avoid looking at Nona’s site. If I had looked at her site I would have found her directions for i-cord gloves sooner. Book, we don’t need no stinkin book, we have the internet! (not to say that Meg’s book is stinkin, I really like it, just saying there were other instructions to be had.)

So…I found instructions and was ready to finally finish the gloves when I suffered another setback. I couldn’t find the thumbs anywhere. Arrgghhh!! Fine, these gloves are avoiding my every attempt to finish them. I'll move on to something else.


Since the gloves were for me (almost everything I knit I give away) I decided to start something else just for me. The first thing on my "just for me" list was/is the De Colores jacket by Ginger Luter that I first saw in Knitter’s Magazine – K68 Fall 2002. It’s now in Ginger’s new book, Module Magic.

DeColoresBlocking4 DeColores1

I’m almost halfway done with De Colores but, having a severe case of startitis, felt the need to start knitting a Clapotis for myself out of KnitPicks Shimmer.



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